On Sunday 14th we are going on a exchange to England. We want our students to improve their communicative competence in English and to broaden their horizons regarding the Anglosaxon culture and way of life. We keep you informed through this web or the exchange blog. Lots of xxx.


The schools are both named after Bishops, Bishop Heber and Bishop Bernardo de Balbuena.

Bishop Heber was born in Malpas on the 21st April 1783 and Bishop Bernardo de Balbuena was born in Valdepeñas in 1568. The bishops had travel in common, Bishop Heber travelled to India and Bishop Bernardo de Balbuena eventually settled in Puerto Rico. We are going to compare the education system in the two countries. This is the project for the years from 2008 to 2010.

We are leaving tomorrow morning at 11.30 from the bus station. I think we will miss our school, classmates and colleagues a lot, but we have to take in mind that this will be an unforgettable experience for all of us: students, teachers, parents…Here you are the exchange programme:

14 March

Vuelo 7102   Llegada a las19:00

Llegada al colegio a las 20:00

Monday  15th::  Colegio


Recorrido por el Centro

Clase con Año 8

·         Comida en la cafetería

Visita a  Malpas

Tuesday 16th:   Liverpool

Museo de los  Beatles 11.20

·         Picnic

Vuelta al  Centro-5pm

Wednesday  17th:  Colegio

Clase de Ciudadanía con los compañeros del intercambio

Clase de Arte  Camisetas

Clase con año 10

·         Comida en la cafetería

Continuamos con las camisetas

Clase de Música bilingüe

Jueves 18th :  Shrewsbury

Museo de Shrewsbury

·         Picnic

Vuelta a las 15 h.

Friday  19th: Colegio

Clase con año 9

Clase TIC

Clase con año 10

·         Comida en la cafetería

Debate con clase años 12/13

Clase de TIC

Monday 22nd  Ironbridge Viaje con compañeros ingleses

Blists Hill


·         Picnic

Vuelta al Centro -5pm

Tuesday 23th: Chester

Museos and Murallas

·         Picnic

Retono : 15:00

Salida desde el Colegio sobre las  9.15

Vuelo 7101 Salida a las 13:25  Llegada a  Barajas  a las 16:55



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