Los niños tienen que ser enseñados sobre cómo pensar, no qué pensar.
Margaret Mead
El propósito general de la educación es convertir espejos en ventanas.
Sydney J. Harris
¡Estudia! No para saber una cosa más, sino para saberla mejor.
Soy una parte de todo lo que he leído.
Theodore Roosevelt


So delighted as we both, students and teachers, are with our stay here in England that we have decided to design a blog to keep you informed about what we are doing every day in such a lovely country like England is.

We have had enough time to do lots of things: attending Citizenship English lessons, desingning T-shirts in Art lesson, visiting Malpas, Liverpool and Shrewsbury, tasting ‘gravy’ (a typical brown sauce to be served with meat) in the school canteen or celebrating Natalia’s birthday with a ‘yummie’ chocolate cake homemade by the teachers and, of course, making ourselves understood in English.

If you want to find out more, link here:


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