El propósito general de la educación es convertir espejos en ventanas.
Sydney J. Harris
A pesar de que ya soy mayor, sigo aprendiendo de mis discípulos.
¡Estudia! No para saber una cosa más, sino para saberla mejor.
El único fracaso verdadero en la vida es no aprender de ella.
Anthony J. D’Angelo
Soy una parte de todo lo que he leído.
Theodore Roosevelt


As you have seen during the last days at our Bilingual Corner, our 1st course students are writing to their new friends from Chicago, thanks to the contacts our Language Auxiliary made for us with a High School there. Her sister attends this High School. Our students are excited with this experience and are anxiously waiting for their answers.

Our 2nd course students are writing to pen friends too, but this time they are from England, thanks to the contacts and addresses provided by the teachers from the Exchange with Malpas.

And our 3rd course students continue with the firt pen pal experience we started last course with students form Canada, thanks to the contacts our Geography teacher, Eva, made when she went there last year.

So, as you can see, ours is a worldwide pen pal experience, there aren´t barriers for our bilingual students! We are Writing to the World!

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